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Product growth as a service

We help tech companies implement product-led growth strategies through integrated data analytics, product development, and technical marketing.
Since "execution is king" we bring all the cross-functional capabilities needed to discover AND implement growth levers, serving as an on-demand growth team for your product.
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About us

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Marcel Fritz (LinkedIn)
Ex-facebook growth PM, >12y experience in product, growth mktg & analytics
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Kasia Leszek (LinkedIn)
Data generalist, >7y experience in growth data analytics and engineering
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Utku Turunç (LinkedIn)
Full stack engineer, >6y experience working with various stacks and frameworks

What we do

Growth = product (analytics, design, engineering)^marketing

📊 Data Setup

Enable teams to track, measure, and understand user behavior.
  • Define and implement end-to-end tracking of the user journey
  • Support selection and implementation of the analytics tech stack
  • Set up management dashboards, e.g. for growth accounting and engagement monitoring

💎 Onboarding

Optimize the product experience for new users and minimize early churn.
  • Improve accessibility by e.g. removing friction from registration and login
  • Shorten “time to value” and establish growth loops
  • Create public product experiences that convert non-registered users

💰 Monetization

Capture more of your product’s value.
  • A/B-test monetization models (e.g. freemium, reverse-trial), free tier limits and upgrade paths
  • Optimize paywalls, pricing pages and checkout flows for improved conversion
  • Test, model, and implement new pricing & packaging

👩‍👦‍👦 Org scaling

Build and lead growth teams ad interim.
  • Pioneer the growth function in collaboration with product, marketing and data teams
  • Fill short-term resource gaps (PM, analytics, engineering)
  • Source and interview candidates for growth roles

Why bring in an external growth team?

Faster impact on growth metrics

It takes min. 12-18 months to hire and train an in-house product growth team before it starts delivering meaningful impact. We help clients leapfrog this time and move growth metrics right away, not in a year or two.

Increased focus on product

By taking care of product growth optimization, we help our clients’ product teams be more focused on what they do best: build core product functionality.

Seizing XFN opportunities

Our team can quickly test and capture opportunities that sit in between product and marketing (e.g. testing a new landing page). This is much more difficult to achieve in organizations with dedicated functional departments.

Why us?

Expertise in product-led growth

We bring multiple years of experience in the product-led growth domain. Collectively we’ve run >100 A/B tests, continuously improving our sense of what works and what doesn’t, and in what kind of circumstances.

Execution power

In reality, growth primarily comes from great execution over an extended period of time. That’s why we are hands-on and provide all the cross-functional capabilities needed to execute on identified levers (hence, a growth team “as-as-service”).
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